Children’s Aid Society of Alabama

Changing Lives. Building Families. Strengthening Communities.

Children who grow up in safe, loving homes have the best chance of becoming thriving adults.

Changing Lives, Building Families, Strengthening Communities

We work to create, preserve, and strengthen families through a community of expert care and support for youth, parents, children, and the professionals who help them.


children were abused or neglected in Alabama 2019.


children were in foster care in Alabama on the last day of FY2019.

According to the Children’s Defense Fund

Our Impact


people were served through CAS programming in 2021.


additional people received community outreach.

Join our mission if you believe…

Families can be preserved.

Families can be created.

Families and individuals can be strengthened.

and Communities and Professionals can be empowered…

mother kissing baby on head
Mother we supported towards family reunification

A boost of parental confidence

A mother was court-ordered to attend our EPIC Parenting classes as a condition of reuniting with her two children in foster care. She was cautious in the beginning and kept her guard up because she experienced judgment from other agencies because her children were in foster care. Over time, she began to open up and share more of her story and struggles. By the time she successfully completed EPIC, she had a completely different attitude and had made progress on two major goals: finding a job and a place to live. She said succeeding in EPIC boosted her confidence in providing a safe and happy home for her children.

Partners in the Work