CAS Adoption

Providing life-long support to all adoption constellation members involved in a CAS-led adoption plan.

We recognize that adoption is a life-long journey, so our CAS adoption services are available to all adoption constellation members of any age if CAS was involved in the adoption plan. If CAS was not involved in your adoption plan, supportive services are available via APAC, our partnership with the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

While CAS has not directly placed children in adoptive families since 1993, we can assist with private and international adoptions as needed.

We provide support for:

  1. CAS-Led Adoptions
  2. Private and International Adoptions
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CAS-Led Adoptions

Intermediary Services

We can help an adopted person search for their birth parents, and we can help birth parents update their CAS file to include current contact information and medical history.

Search and Contact

We can compile a non-identifying information report for an adopted person.

Non-Identifying Information Report

We can provide an intermediary when one is needed to facilitate communication between and adopted person and their birth family members.

Private and International Adoptions

Home Studies

We conduct home studies for potential adoptive families in advance of a placement, for families who want to be considered for custody of a child who does not reside in their home, or when requested by a court.

Birth Parent Interviews

We conduct birth parent interviews as part of private independent adoption plans when the birth parent is a legal resident of Alabama. These interviews document social and medical family history and the reason for the adoption plan.

Post-Adoption Placement Supervision

After an adoptive placement, we provide supervision upon request or as required by an agency, court, or county.