Families & Youth in Crisis

Addressing issues putting children and youth at risk

We provide resources and education, and promote community partnerships to address issues such as homelessness, child trafficking, and other family emergencies that put children at risk of being removed from their homes.

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How We Help

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Supporting homeless mothers

Supports: Pregnant and/or parenting mothers between the ages of 16-21 experiencing homelessness

Project Independence provides safe, stable living accommodations to pregnant and/or parenting homeless mothers (ages 16-21) and their children while providing career and life skills training to break the cycle of homelessness and child abuse and neglect. It meets the specific needs of each parent and their child(ren) by providing individualized skill-building opportunities and increasing the ability of the young family to stay together.

Ending child trafficking

Supports: Law enforcement, first responders, social service workers, educators, other agencies and organizations focused on child trafficking

The Child Trafficking Solutions Project (CTSP) is a broad-based coalition implementing collaborative community-based solutions to prevent, recognize, and respond to child trafficking. CTSP aims to improve outcomes for survivors of child trafficking, prosecute perpetrators, and mobilize communities to prevent abuse, raise awareness, and increase safety.

CTSP focuses on training resources, response protocols, trauma-informed support, advocacy, and community mobilization.

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in partnership with DHR

Supporting at-risk families

Supports: Families referred by DHR

Family Partners, provided in partnership with Alabama DHR, provides 24/7/365 intensive case management designed to establish safe homes where families stay together. It provides direct and comprehensive services when children are at risk of being removed from the home or to reunify families whose children have been temporarily removed.