Join the Fight: Partner to Prevent Trafficking with the Child Trafficking Solutions Project

Children’s Aid Society of Alabama’Child Trafficking Solutions Project, (CTSP), is a dynamic coalition dedicated to preventing, recognizing, and responding to child trafficking in all forms. Their comprehensive approach involves collaboration with law enforcement, healthcare professionals, educators, and various community stakeholders to create a united front against the horrors of trafficking in our communities across Alabama. CTSP has traveled across the state in solidarity with other child protection organizations as multiple cities signed proclamations declaring January as National Human Trafficking Awareness/Prevention Month. Yesterday, the team joined END IT AlabamaAlabama Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers, Inc., The WellhouseVoices for Alabama’s Children and other state partners as Governor Kay Ivey signed her proclamation, which coincided with Wear Blue Day. Children’s Aid Society of Alabama’s team members donned their blue outfits and shared their #WearBlueDay photos in solidarity to help increase awareness. This is a small way in which we can all partner to prevent human trafficking in our communities.

Awareness is imperative, most trafficking situations are identified by those who know the person being exploited. Learning to recognize signs among family, students, tenants, patients, co-workers, and more can change lives for the better. CTSP emphasizes comprehensive training for varied audiences, equipping individuals with the knowledge needed to identify and report possible trafficking situations. Awareness is just the beginning, the fight against child trafficking requires collective action. Whether you are a professional in law enforcement, healthcare, education, or a concerned citizen, you can contribute to the cause. The Child Trafficking Solutions Project offers customized resources and collaborates with a multi-disciplinary team to create uniform response protocols, and trauma-informed support services, empowering all of us with the knowledge to protect our most vulnerable members.

On January 11th, we went blue…but we are committed to increasing Trafficking-Free communities by raising awareness, hosting quality trainings, supporting meaningful policy actions, engaging in strategic planning, and contributing to awareness campaigns, throughout the year. We invite you to be a part of the change we are creating in our state. Visit Child Trafficking Solutions Project to learn how you can get involved. Together, we can make a difference and build a safer world for our children.